Privacy Statement

This privacy statement is a first version. Some aspects in this privacy statement might be changed in the future to be in line with the law and best practices.

Project Forum is a project from the TU Delft. In this privacy statement, it will be explained what personal data Project Forum collects when using the website.


What data do we collect

In the system there are three distinct groups: students of the TU Delft, employees of the TU Delft and employees from external companies. Different information is stored for each of these groups, as outlined in the following sections. In addition, information is stored about external companies.


To support your education at the TU Delft, the university has a legal ground to store your data. To be more specific, it is a contractual necessity: the data processing is necessary for the performance of the contract between the student and TU Delft. Because of this, Project Forum collects the following basic data:

In addition, the following extended data is collected:

We also collect every action the student does on Project Forum. This contains the following items:

TU Delft Employee

TU Delft employees have the ability to offer internal projects and coach groups. In addition, TU Delft employees can have a coordinator role for a study programme or course. For TU Delft employees, we collect the following basic data:

Furthermore, we collect the following extended data:

Users from external companies

Employees of companies (excluding the TU Delft) can register in Project Forum to offer projects to students. For this, we record basic contact information and company information which will be visible to students viewing the project. For employees of external companies we collect the following basic data:

Furthermore, we collect the following extended data:

In addition, we record the following information for the company:

How do we collect your data

All data we collect is collected when using the Project Forum website.

How will we use your data

At this moment, we only use the data given to support the functionality Project Forum promises: helping students in finding the right project and group members, in addition to facilitating coaches in helping these students to bring these projects to a success.

Data is being used on a need to know basis. This means that employees only see what they need to see to fulfill their duties as coach or coordinator. Only administrators have access to the database.

For example, students can only see the (TU Delft) email addresses of students in the same group. All other information like netid, studentnumber, etc. is hidden. The same holds for a coach: they can only see the names and email addresses of the members of groups they coach.

The names of students that enrol for the interest list of a particular project are shown to other students browsing the projects in a particular course. Though, this is limited to students who are enrolled in the course. No other information about these students is given.

A coordinator of a course might export data to use for purposes to calculate final grades or to import it into other tools, namely BrightSpace and Osiris. Furthermore, enrolment information is given to the programme coordinators to confirm students meet the entrance requirements for courses.

How do we store your data

To comply with GDPR regulations, all data is stored on site at the TU Delft. The data stored on our servers will be deleted after 5 years for companies and employees and 10 years for students. Companies or company employees can request that their data is removed as long as they are not currently supervising a project.

Access to data is strictly regulated with only select admins having access to the database. All other entities need to use the website itself, where, as mentioned previously, information is provided on a need to know basis.

Other matters

For matters like:

Please refer to the Privacy Statement of the TU Delft.

If you have any questions about the privacy policy or want to make use of your rights, please contact the following email address.