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Project Forum

The Project Forum system connects students and staff at the TU Delft with companies and research institutions that offer project opportunities for the TU Delft. These projects are offered within courses that have an open submission period for all interested parties. These courses may also feature multiple editions, meaning they can start at multiple moments throughout the year. Projects which manage to find a student (group) can utilize Project Forum for organizational actions.

Tools Offered

Project Forum offers course-based project selection and registration, but also discussion and organizational services. The system also provides a guided process for project submission and student approval if a course has entrance criterion that must be met. All submissions must be in Dutch or English.


The TU Delft had a Dutch-language Computer Science programme in 2012, which ended with a bachelor project course. In Dutch, the bachelor project is called “bachelor eind project,” or BEP in short. The original system designed for project registration was thus called "BEPSys", a portmanteau of the Dutch course name and System. In 2017 a new edition of BEPSys was developed by David Alderliesten, Floris Doolaard, Jesse Tilro, and Niels Warnars as a bachelor project.

In 2019 BEPSys was expanded to support experiments for the TNW (Physics) department of the TU Delft and with support for master thesis projects. As such, the name BEPSys was no longer suited for the system and it was renamed to Project Forum.


Although Project Forum is now utilized for multiple courses and degree programmes, the Computer Science division is still in charge of the Project Forum system. The coordinator of the system can be reached at Students can find assistance through their respective course coordinators.